Here, in the heart of the Lueneburger Heath, and within the idyllic Oertze valley, you may find the most beautiful days of the year: Holidays and vacancies full of variety, a four star comfort in the midst of the nature, generous facilities, lots of open space, and if you are fond of camping, you may find your holiday ambition with us.

Hiking  cycling  fishing  swimming  horse riding  holiday with your own horse and your dog  fun for your kids: hire a pony  tours through nature reserve  canoeing  tenting  experience the nature actively  special playground for kids in the forest  Gokarts and bicycles for rent  amusement parks, museums and fun pools nearby  lots of possibilities for a delightful trip

Dear Guests,

The rules for our protection against the Corona virus dictate that you have to deposit a registration form specifying exactly how many people you are, your ground-number, your arriving- and departing-date. Please deposit this registration form at the reception. There is a special Box.
(Tip: click on the link, print out the registration form and Corona rules) 
Be sure to wear your face mask in the sanitary facilities and in the reception or shop.
Follow the distance rules. Even when meeting neighbors and friends.
Please inform yourself about the currently applicable rules.
Please use the shower and washing facilities in your caravan or mobile home.